People can be partners in their own health

1Three things we know

If people are supported to get the right tools and skills they can:

  • Actively manage their own health and improve their quality of life.
  • Be treated by the health system as assets rather than problems.
  • Contribute to the quality of healthcare services they receive.

2Three things we do

As a digital healthcare business with an enabling software platform we:

  • Support people to identify the tools and skills they could use to self-manage.
  • Personalise the local support options for people that integrate with their other self-management activities.
  • Enable other service partners to work together to deliver personalised self-management support across large populations.

3Three benefits we deliver

  • For people with health conditions: personalised support to confidently coordinate their health management options and make more effective use of health services.
  • For healthcare providers and suppliers: more targeted use of health services; reductions in hospital admission rates; more appropriate use of treatments and medicines.
  • For the health system: support for person-centred service design; sustainability through streamlining and reducing costs across the system.